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The video below shows the application for free money and the thank-you message from Cintya to HelpingPoorPeople dot com.

Application for free money and the thank-you message from Cintya in Indonesia.
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This is what Cintya said in the video. Hi, my name is Cintya Retnoningtyas, I’m from Indonesia and for now, I’m jobless.

Due to the pandemic, I lost my job. Now I really have no money to buy food. I also don’t have money to pay rent.

I don’t get help from the government because I’m overseas. My family can’t afford it. I’m currently an orphan.

So I’m in a lot of trouble. People around me are also having a pretty tough time. So I can’t ask for help from them.

Now I also keep trying to get a job, but very hard to get because many businesses are closed during this pandemic.

I ask for help from you so that I can buy food and pay rent for the next 3 months. Hope things get better soon.

Thanks for all the help that will be given. This is my room where I live for now, and I must pay for rent for now and three months.

I hope I have money to survive. This is my room because I don’t have anything for now, so please help me. Thank you.

THANK-YOU VIDEO – In her appreciation video, she said: Hello, I’m Cintya, I am 34 years old from Indonesia. Thank you good people who want to help and care about my financial problems.

I have received help from you. Currently, I am still applying for jobs in various places.

I have… I hope to get a job soon, so I can improve my finances and help others.

But, right now I still need your help so that I can pay for my boarding house and buy food, as well as transportation money looking for job.

I am grateful that I can buy food for the next few days. But I have not paid for the boarding fee.

Cintya concluded her appreciation video by saying: “But, I am very grateful for the money I received today. thank you for your help.“

We are philanthropists in Germany, and we send money directly to poor people all over the world. We don’t require you to work for us or do any internet work. Courtesy of Generous Daddy, AKA Mr HelpingPoorPeopleDotCom. See how to apply for the free money.

For further inquiries, see how to contact us.

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Mike · 2 April 2022 at 11:51 am

I will like to visit Indonesia after the pandemic is over. Any possibility of meeting Cintya?

See also application for free money from Ronke in Nigeria · 23 March 2022 at 8:19 pm

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